ZorroVPN short review. HarborFront, 09.08.2017

ZorroVPN is a very unique VPN provider that focuses on their network and advanced privacy options. They provide a very high-quality VPN service with maximum security and anonymity features, without all the annoying marketing and tacky slogans. RestorePrivacy, 23.03.2017

An impressive service that takes privacy very seriously, paying attention to every detail in order to provide the highest level of protection. vpnpick, 18.12.2016

ZorroVPN has an incredible response time. The service they offer is professional and valuable. I have never had any problem using any of their servers, and QuadroVPN is epic. Thank you for this service! Supporter for life! anonymous, 03.11.2016

ZorroVPN is a decent service, which is operated by outstanding experts in the sphere of online security. ZorroVPN has developed many excellent bonuses for its clients. The service is rightfully considered to be private, secure and anonymous. bestvpnrating, 03.10.2016

ZorroVPN review by vpnMentor. vpnMentor, 08.07.2016

A unique VPN service for professionals! It's really amazing service with useful and necessary features. Review by VPNList (in russian). vpnlist, 02.07.2015

Yes, I was really surprised by your service. Especially the number of chains and the price. At first, I even thought that it's a trick, but no any pitfalls are found. I could not say that speed is good or bad, but overall it's 7/10. I will use by myself and will recommend to others. Thank You! anonymous, 21.01.2015

Best service! They understood my position and restored 28 unused days of my subscription. Super! Good quality connection, neither disconnects nor speed problems even with 4 servers in a chain. k***, 05.08.2014

I have been using your service for over a year and love it! cycloid, 29.07.2014

Wow, very unexpectedly. That's what I looked for. Your are the best, guys!!! May be you will add i2p feature soon? :) prodriv3r, 25.07.2014

I have been a customer of yours for one month now, just renewed for my second. I would like to tell you I am very satisfied with the services your provide. Thanks a lot! b***, 18.05.2014

Overall, ZorroVPN offers an impressive VPN service. VPN Coupons, 01.02.2014

The VPN chaining is very cool and it has tons of servers to choose from! twista, 27.10.2013

I wrote to customer support with a request for a trial, and I was pleasantly surprised of their politeness and adequacy. After a moment I started to test VPN service. Only positive impressions. Good luck in your business. Damien, 23.10.2013

Another vote for ZorroVPN. Rock solid, reliable service. Highly recommended. digititus, 17.10.2013

Cool support. I wrote at night and my issue was resolved in 5 minutes. Keep it up, guys! d***, 15.08.2013

Great VPNs. Great service! This is my place to be anonymous ♥. anonymous, 14.08.2013

Liking the speed of the VPN so far. zentrixplus, 26.06.2013

I must complement you guys on setting a very good example of customer support. I like the way you operate! No Gimmicks! No Dressed Up Website! Just A great Product And Service! Look forward to an extended relationship with you guys! Vee, 21.06.2013

I have used your service, and I love the chain-building feature. There aren't many ways to route traffic from an unjailbroken iPhone out a Tor exit node, but you have provided it. Also, I would say that data transfer rates have been fantastic so far. More than enough to handle a Google Voice call from my mobile despite hopping through five servers in North America. I highly recommend this service to others. Exocyst, 13.06.2013

Great service. This VPN doesn't disconnect ever and it's safe as hell. Alea Iacta Est, 11.06.2013

It's one of the best VPNs I've ever used. I love the fact that I can go through 4 servers at once. The speeds are very good, and I'm overall very happy with it. Kylar, 09.06.2013

I vouch for this service too, excellent speed, smooth surfing, A+. rammy2k2, 29.05.2013

This was an amazing service I had the opportunity to use. I have never used a VPN before and I had no problem setting it up instantly. Security was great, I ran it against various sites and none of them saw my real IP. This is a premium VPN service at a cheap price. Speed was not hindered at all as long as I used a server on the same continent. Brilliant service, will be using this if I ever need a VPN again in the future. I honestly couldn't tell when the VPN was on or off speedwise. Thank you so much for letting me use this. If I start needing more security this is the VPN service I will be using. pheaonix, 27.05.2013

Awesome VPN! Good speeds and lots of locations to choose from! Very simple to set up too. za8bit, 25.05.2013

Great and cheap service with a fast support. No bullshits here. Fast servers! Oliver, 23.05.2013

It seems to be a great service. You should definitely try it out. b!z, 09.05.2013

I am getting a great speed. I didn't got any kind of problems with VPN yet. escrow.ms, 08.05.2013

I like your service so much. Please, keep it up. galss, 05.04.2013

VPN works well. A few times it was an issue with one of the servers, but in general it's OK. Zelfit_3D, 05.03.2013