Terms of use

Service's responsibility

ZorroVPN is a service provided professional solutions in the area of anonymity, privacy and security.

  1. We make all efforts to provide a best uptime for VPN servers.
  2. We guarantee a privacy of user's information and it's protection from third parties.
  3. We guarantee no logging any user's activity.
  4. We guarantee to provide a courteous, helpful and professional support.

User's responsibility

  1. The following activity is prohibited:
    • shopping with stolen credit cards
    • spam
    • infecting or sending any viruses, trojans and worms
    • hacking web sites, servers or accounts for any resources, port scanning
    • scam, fraud
    • promoting criminal or terrorist activities
    • any other illegal actions (depending on the laws of the country where VPN server is located)
  2. User agrees not to authorize anyone else to access his own account.
  3. User agrees not to damage VPN service with any technical tools.
  4. User agrees that the service is not liable for direct or indirect losses while the user could get of invalid VPN using or servers downtime.
  5. User is directly responsible for the actions performed in the time of using the service.

In case of violation of these rules, the account will be blocked and money, which rendered for services, will not be returned.