Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a VPN and why VPN is needed?
  2. VPN is a technology that allows passing network traffic via encrypted tunnel; it provides a secured access to internet and guarantees anonymity and privacy. Also you are able to access to the blocked or restricted sites and network resources. With VPN your real location will be hidden and you will get IP address of VPN server's country.

  3. In which countries VPN servers are located?
  4. All countries are listed in the order page. This list is up to date.

  5. Is it available to watch TV shows and movies in the USA and the UK via VPN?
  6. Yes. Thanks to servers located in many countries it's available to enjoy any network resources to which access is restricted for people from some countries.

  7. Is it available to use torrent or any other P2P networks?
  8. Using torrent or any other P2P networks is allowed without any copyright infringement on the basis of the legislation of countries where servers are located.

  9. Any prohibitions while using your service?
  10. Prohibited actions are listed in the terms of use.

  11. Under what jurisdiction is your service?
  12. Belize.

  1. How could I order a VPN subscription?
  2. Go to order page, choose a plan and make a payment. Instantly after the payment your plan will be activated and you will be able to use VPN service.

  3. What payment methods are accepted?
  4. Web Money, Perfect Money, PayPal, Visa/MasterCard, Bitcoin, QIWI, Yandex.Money, Litecoin, Dash, Zcash, Monero. If you want to pay by another payment system, please, contact support.

  5. If I'm not satisfied with the quality of the service, could I request a moneyback?
  6. Yes, please read refund policy.

  1. Any traffic or speed limits?
  2. No limits.

  3. What is a connection speed while using VPN?
  4. Connection speed depends on location of your ISP and location of VPN server. Usually the speed of connection is decreased by 10-20%. We recommend choosing the nearest server from your location if you need the best speed. You could check speed of connection at

  5. How many devices I could connect to VPN?
  6. It's allowed to connect no more than 5 devices.

  7. What ports are available for connection to VPN servers?
  8. 443 and 53 over TCP & UDP.

  9. Is it available to use proxy with VPN?
  10. Yes, it's available to use proxy to connect to VPN as well as using it after the connection to VPN.

    proxy proxy
  11. What are VPN chains?
  12. Encrypted traffic goes through the first server, then through the second server and so on. So security and anonymity are raised to a higher level. Our service allows creating up to 4 servers in a chain.

  13. Could you tell more about transparent access to .onion resources?
  14. After connection to VPN you will be able to visit .onion resources (resources of the anonymous network Tor) together with Internet resources. To test this feature connect to ZorroVPN and visit https://3g2upl4pq6kufc4m.onion (DuckDuckGo), http://am4wuhz3zifexz5u.onion (TorLibrary) or http://zqktlwi4fecvo6ri.onion (Hidden Wiki).

    To allow to have an access to .onion resources in Mozilla Firefox browser you need to type about:config in the address bar and then set "false" value for network.dns.blockDotOnion option.

    You can also visit .bit domains trasparently while using ZorroVPN.

  15. What is a VPN+Tor?
  16. All traffic will be forwarded from VPN server to Tor (anonymous network). Switching to Tor could be done without reconnecting to VPN server. In order to enable VPN+Tor you have to go to VPN management, click on "Geo", choose a server and switch external address of the VPN server to "Tor". We recommend this technique in conjunction with VPN chains as one of the best way to ensure a high level of anonymity.

  17. Do you have a port forwarding feature?
  18. Yes. It's able to create port forwarding rules to direct traffic on an external port to a port on an internal IP address. Port forwarding rules are set up for all available external IP addresses of the VPN server, and it works for VPN chains also. Our port forwarding realization is protected from "Port Fail" vulnerability.

  19. Do you keep logs?
  20. No we don't. No logs of IP address, bandwidth, connections, DNS requests and etc.. Also read terms of use.

  21. Is ZorroVPN protected from VPN usage detection by MTU analysis?
  22. Yes. When getting configuration files user could choose any MTU size, including the size that is used by default for the ISP connection.

  23. Do you have a Warrant Canary?
  24. Yes. Our Warrant Canary is available at
    You can verify a signature with the help of the following command:

    curl | gpg --verify

  1. I forgot my password
  2. Feel free to use password recovery page.

  3. I cannot connect to VPN
  4. For resolving problems with OpenVPN, usually you should reinstall the software. If there will be no results, please, contact us with the detailed information about your problem.

  5. Could you help me to configure VPN remotely?
  6. Yes, we provide this service for free. Please, come to agreement with support about remote help time. Then install TeamViewer, run it and give your ID and password to our technical support.